Elizabeth Mannion

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My research and teaching cover drama/theatre and a range of modern Irish Studies, from revivalist drama to contemporary fiction. I earned my PhD at Trinity College, Dublin, with a thesis that ultimately became The Urban Plays of the Early Abbey Theatre: Beyond O'Casey  (Syracuse). While working on that book, I taught in Philadelphia. A highlight was co-convening a Ulysses reading group with Shelly Brivic and Samuel R. Delany

The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel (Palgrave Macmillan) includes an introduction tracing the evolution of Irishness in detective fiction and chapters on series by Peter Tremayne, John Connolly, Declan Hughes, Ken Bruen, Brian McGilloway, Stuart Neville, Tana French, Jane Casey, and Benjamin Black.  A second volume--working title Guilt Rules All: Mysteries, Detectives, and Crime in Irish Fiction--is underway. Gerard Brennan, Carol Baraniuk, Fiona Coleman Coffey, Bridget English, Joe Long, Vivian Valvano Lynch, and Nancy Mark Cantwell are among those who will be contributing chapters. Brian Cliff is co-editing. The games have begun.

The audio book for my first novel, Dreaming in Irish, is in pre-production. I am honored to have Audi Award-winning Robin Miles at the helm. She is producing and narrating: the novel couldn't be in better hands. July opened with the start of the sequel, Traces of Irish. For better or worse, I cannot seem to stop typing.

The Theatre of Wallace Shawn is also underway ... busy days indeed.