Elizabeth Mannion

books, events, etc.

My research and teaching cover drama/theatre and a range of modern Irish Studies, from revivalist drama to contemporary fiction. I earned my PhD at Trinity College, Dublin, with a thesis that ultimately became The Urban Plays of the Early Abbey Theatre: Beyond O'Casey  (Syracuse). 

The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel (Palgrave Macmillan) is in paperback. The MS for Guilt Rules All: Mysteries, Detectives, and Crime in Irish Fiction is moving along. More news on its pub date and status as Brian and  I know it.

Wrapping up Endnotes to Molloy with Nicholas Johnson. Like our Endnotes to Murphy, this will be licensed through Creative Commons. A little fizzle on teaching Beckett is forthcoming in The Journal of Beckett Studies.

I recently resumed work on The Theater of Wallace Shawn. Have been hearing from folks who share my enthusiasm for his work. Stay in touch! I'm hoping to have news to share on this title by early spring.

Wrapping up the spring teaching at Baruch, co-editing Guilt with Brian, wrapping up the second novel (shhh, I write those under a pen name), and hoping my Mets keep it together. 

Happy nearly beach weather to you.